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So one day Super Minecraft Kid went to school and took a history test. The test was really easy and everyone passed. However, the history teacher hated Super Minecraft Kid for some good reason.

So the next day he went to school and the history teacher said "Everyone passed the history test except for Super Minecraft Kid because he's fucking gay!"

Then super minecraft kid got REALLY FUCKING MAD so the first thing he did was yell "No FUCK YOU I HOPE YOU FUCKING DIE I FUCKING HATE YOU YOU SHITHEAD FUCK SHIT PISS COCK ASS" And then went to the history teacher and fucked his ass. The history teacher may have hated smk but he was good at buttfucking. So the buttfucked in front of all the kids and then the History Teacher shitted in smk's mouth.

It was good and all and there was sperm, shit and piss everywhere.

Then all the kids booed and threw paper at them, and the next day they all died. THE END.